Oda is the owner and operator of Oda Entertainment.  Oda has been DJing since 1990 while in high school.  As a hobby, he continued to practice throughout college and beyond.  When Oda moved to Japan for work, he collaborated with some of Japan’s finest DJs and improved his technique.  Oda later focused his time into science education (where he still works full-time).  After work and in his spare time, Oda mentors high school and college students in different aspects of DJing.  As Oda worked with the youth, it inspired him to begin his own business.

Oda focuses on the audience for his source of inspiration.  Music selection is based upon the guests; the mixing is from his creativity.

(aka Jason Oda, Mr. Oda, DJ Mr. Oda, DJ Oda, Mr. Oda the Science Teacher)