Shanghai Red’s, Marina del Rey, Ceremony & Reception


Shanghai Red’s is a cozy restaurant set right on the harbor of Marina del Rey.  The back patio area overlooks the harbor.  On this day, there was a slight breeze on a perfect day and sunset occurred while the bride and groom had dinner with all their guests.  The sunset was clearly visible through all the windows throughout the intimate room.

The ceremony took place in front of a gazebo which was decorated with flowers.  The ceremony area (patio) is separated from the general restaurant guests by different furniture, so the guests will be able to enjoy the ceremony as well.  There is no wall between the harbor walkway and the patio, so some people may casually stroll by a wonderful event.

The reception room held 12 tables which would be the maximum with a dance floor.  The Sweetheart table was set with the back to the windows overlooking the harbor which created a beautiful view.  The DJ booth had to be adjusted to accommodate the location for the booth.

Cocktail service with hor d’oeuvres were served in the ceremony area, where some tables were brought in and most of the chairs taken out to provide a more social atmosphere.  The bar was located near the rear of the ceremony area, and this is where the bar stayed throughout dinner and receptions as well.  Dinner was buffet-style which moved fairly smoothly.  The buffet tables were located in the adjacent room, which was later modified into the candy table and cappuccino service.

Services provided:  Ceremony, cocktail hour, reception music, dance lighting, wireless microphone, uplighting, cake highlighting, Sweetheart table highlighting, projection services

Congratulations Amanda and Wayne!

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