Seafood Palace, Westminster, Reception

A lot of people and a lot of vendors.  I didn’t realize how many different vendors were going to be at the venue until I arrived.  I came in for music, monogram lighting and dance lighting.  The bride did an excellent job of coordinating everyone for this event.

There was a company that put curtains all around the restaurant to create a ballroom feeling; unfortunately, they also covered the DJ booth and I had to DJ behind a curtain all night (there were no other places where the DJ equipment could be placed).  The groom got “tired” during the evening and some of the guests had enjoyed ethnic karaoke enough, so I insisted on putting on the dance music a little early. I’m glad I too the time to talk to the bride and groom and know what type of event they wanted.  I stuck to the general plan and the evening went well.

Congratulations Angie and Mike!

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